Monday, April 7, 2008

First Shop Listings, Weekend Fun

Wow. I just placed a few of my latest creations in my Etsy shop It's naptime, so I'm trying to get a bit of this work done while I'm at my other work (does that make sense? Remember I'm a nanny...) Anyway, the wireless network doesn't like to let me upload, so I think I'll finish uploading all the items when I get home. But I have two up now! Yey!

We had a pretty good weekend, in spite of the nasty, grey weather. Some friends and I went to the Mothers of Twins sale, which was a riot, and pretty overwhelming, but we found some great deals on clothes and toys for our children. That night I puttered around the house, cleaning up and working on my plants. I can't wait to get outside more!

Last night I had to return some shirts to American Eagle, because they were too big (gosh, I hate when that happens!) And I discovered that Anthropologie had opened a new store in my mall. It was actually quite funny, as I was walking quickly through the mall, all intent on getting to AE and out again, saw the sign, registered what it was in my mind, and nearly fell over. You see, Anthro is probably my all-time favorite store. When we lived in Seattle, I would take my lunch break and check out all the aprons and kitchenwares (and sometimes clothing) nearly one to two times a week. So it holds a near and dear place in my heart. However here in Boston, we only had two stores, both of which are a total pain in the neck to get to. So having one in the mall--my mall--makes me want to cry. Almost. Mostly it makes me want to buy things. Which I did. I got a lovely owl glass (which I am using as a vase) and a set of four blue milk glasses. And this is what I did with my "finds:"


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I love your pictures, good blog!