Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ah Quiet

I love naptime. I really do. I love when the kids have exhausted themselves so much they fall right asleep, and the house becomes so silent you can hear the clock ticking. I'm at work now, so I also hear the bosses' pet parakeet eating, which is fine as well. At least he's not talking, since my head hurts a little. I'm getting over a a bit of a cold, so I'm stuffy and sounds are a little amplified for the time being.

I'm back into knitting. My friends and I attended our knitting group's anniversary party Tuesday, and I actually got in some knitting time. And now I can't stop...I have plans to go the the tent sale at WEBS in Northampton in two weeks. Yes, I'm going to travel two hours--again--to go to a yarn store. And this time there's no Yarn Harlot. But this time I won't have to work at 5 (I'm scheduled to work at 7) so we can take a little more time.

It's raining today, so we're going to walk to the library in a bit to read some stories. I love that we can count on the library as a source of entertainment no matter what. It's heated in the winter, and cooled in the summer. And as an added bonus, ours has a thrift shop in the basement, so on certain days--if I feel like braving it with my two toddlers--I can check out the store. Which, I have yet to do while having both kids yet, but maybe someday I'll be brave enough. Today? I'm feeling thrifty. And needing some new tops.

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