Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Their Way

The Super Secret Quilt and Other Things are on their way to my brother and his girlfriend. I shipped them the other day, so they should arrive in Small Town, WA, by Friday. Yey! Since I don't think my brother reads this, it's probably safe to post this:

And the back:

It's my second finished quilt, based on the pattern from the BTRS book by Amy Karol. It's all fat quarters and some flannel (for the back.) I did buy the binding since I was on a self-imposed deadline (and didn't feel like futzing with making my own binding again. Yuck.) I have lots of flannel left over, so I think Bug and the new little one will be getting some airplane pants this winter! :O)

I heart linen. Last night I started some new items for the shop. I hope to have them online by early next week, depending on when my buckwheat gets here. Does anyone have any recommendations for a local (to Boston) (or Seattle, since I'm visiting soon) place to buy bulk buckwheat hulls and dried lavender buds?

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