Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reversible Quilted Table Runner

Table Runner
Originally uploaded by Tiny House
This is a table runner I completed just in time for Thanksgiving (actually the night before.) I had an idea in my head, and my finished item actually turned out! I was pleased!

I started with 10 fat quarters, 5 each of Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed fabrics. I was inspired by this project from the Purl Bee. I wanted something onto which I could set hot pots and pans and not worry about my table underneath.

The reverse side is Christmas fabrics, pieced in the same fashion as the Thanksgiving side.

Now that I've finished this one, I want to make an everyday runner with fabrics that match my kitchen.

Come back tomorrow to see what this little birdie's all about!


The Family said...

I could really use one of these! Very nice. :)

Tiny House said...

Thank you! It was really very easy--maybe I'll get my act together and do a tutorial? :O)

Gabrielle said...

I love your work! I'm truly inspired!