Saturday, December 13, 2008


I finally have my studio to a place where I'm comfortable giving a here you go!

Bug's art table. He likes to draw while I draw, though more often than not he ends up in my lap at my drawing table.

This is to the right of the entrance from the dining room:

A view of the whole shelves, plus my inspiration wall and ironing board (I finally get to leave it out all the time, yay!)

The rocking chair that Grandma Judy gave me. I sit in it nearly everyday--from it I can see Bug and all the trouble he's getting into--and knit, embroider, draw

This is my drawing/painting table. I feel so fortunate to be able to have a separate place to work on bits of art, apart from my sewing table. And yes, it's nearly always covered with clutter. I can't help it.

These are the built-in shelves I fell in love with when we first looked at this house. I still love them: especially the top shelf with jars of ribbons and buttons.

Here's my desk where Stella, my sewing machine, lives. Also all of our (yawn) household paperwork and such.

This is the window to the left of my sewing table. The little figures are things I've collected over the years.

That's pretty much it. If you turned to your left, you'd see the dining and living rooms. I posted all of these pictures on Flickr, along with my favorite parts of our kitchen, if you're interested!

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