Friday, February 13, 2009

Dudes. We went to the zoo.

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Yesterday, being in the lower forties and sunny (!) we headed out to the zoo. Bug had the best time walking around, seeing all the animals. We were pretty tired after feeding the goats, stalking several peacocks, and playing at the playground, but still made it to my personal favorite, the Rocky Shores exhibit.

I have always loved the ocean, and all the sea life. I even wanted to be a marine biologist. That is, until I found out I'd actually have to go in the water. I'm terrified of deep water, sharks, and generally anything that might touch (bite) me. So, marine biologist I am not, but I still love to look at sea creatures in a (very controlled) environment.

For more pictures of my favorite walruses (walrusi?) check out my flickr photostream. Next time we go I'm taking my tripod. I NEED more pictures of them, but it's so dark in there that hardly any turned out like I wanted.

P.S. I once got in a giant pool with dolphins. In Mexico. I stood next to them, and pet them, and even fed them their fishy snack. That was brave of me. But I still hate water, and was (kind of) glad that the pesky hurricane kept us from stopping in Cabo, where I would have wasted $100 on a snorkeling adventure that we all know I wouldn't have done. LOL.

P.P.S. Doesn't that walrus kind of look like my Nibbler?

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Jamie said...

HA! You totally made me want to go to the Zoo. So we are going to be crazy and go tomorrow, yes, there's still snow on the ground and it'll be 35... is that cold?