Monday, March 9, 2009

Dog is Man's Best Friend

Daffodils in the Sunset
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At midnight tonight, our beloved family Doberman, Monstro, passed away. Friday night he had a stroke/seizure, and spent all weekend in Seattle being cared for by my family, myself included. Knowing how fleeting life is, I said my goodbyes over the weekend. This morning, as my family pulled into their driveway from a long trip over the pass, Monstro died.

He was a very good dog. Always very gentle and kind. He was sweet with Eamon, letting him pull on his ears and stub of a tail. Whenever we visited, he slept with me. Always hogging the blanket. ;O)

Penelope, the Great Dane, will miss Monstro the most, I'm sure. They would run along the fence and bark at anything and everything, always protecting the family from wayward squirrels and groundhogs. They cuddled together when it was cold, and were surely best friends.

Monstro had a good life, and will always be remembered.


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Sorry to hear of your loss.