Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aprons! And General Boring-ness that I Call my Life!

Birds Half Apron
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At each show, I'm asked by several people where I got my apron. Um, yeah, I made it. Which usually leads to people asking why I don't have any on my table. I don't know why I'm so unorganized that I can't get a few done before the show, as I get several orders each time. So, here you have it, I'm making aprons for my next show. This one was a custom order for a very sweet girl's grandmother. (And while I don't feel comfortable talking about my, um, girly business with everyone, I can say that I can personally vouch for the products that Laura sells. Follow the link. They're awesome!)

I've been a pretty busy little bee lately. I've had multiple custom orders, and am involved in just a few swaps. Plus, I have two shows coming up, so I'm also working on items for that.

And, this is Day Three of my husband's trip to Germany. He's gone until next Monday, and the little man and I miss Daddy! We spent the majority of today with Jes' grandparents (E's great-grandparents) and had a good time eating, shopping, and visiting! And I'm feeling rather proud of myself--I fixed Judy's sewing machine. The needle was stuck inside the bobbin case, and I took it all apart and then put it back together again. And it worked! Without electrical sparks! Woohoo!

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RosaMarĂ­a said...

great apron! me gusta mucho esa tela!!