Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Fall Skirt

New Skirt!
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I got the idea for this skirt from Alicia's site. I loved her linen version with three flowers going up the front, but since I'm a little, um, vertically challenged, I only appliqu├ęd one flower to the front. It's just a basic A-line wrap skirt, which, after a *giant* mistake (I had to take in over six inches: apparently I can't math,) came out perfect! It's lined with a pretty pink calico, and bound with a soft pink polka dot cotton. The corduroy is a wide-wale chocolate color. All of the fabric came from JoAnn's, and cost less than $5. So, for a little bit of cash (I love sales!) and an hour and a half or so, I have a cute new skirt!

There's something so satisfying about making my own clothes. I can fit each item exactly to my body, and it's exactly to my taste. Last year I desperately wanted a new corduroy skirt, but we don't have a ton of money for me to be buying new clothes, and since I wasn't confident in my sewing skills, it was put on the back burner, but now I have what I want!


Jaimie said...

That is super cute! I'm not a big fan of pink, but if it's going to go with anything, chocolate brown would be the color i'd pick, too. :)

Bina said...

I like to wear skirts and love this fabric so much!! I bought a new long chiffon skirt from Lane Bryant and got nice discount on this!!