Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Pillow for Eamon

I made a new pillow for Eamon, so that he could take it with him to grandparents' houses, school, or just carry it around the house. He currently loves to cart around anything with a handle, so I was sure to include one that he could easily grasp.

It's a 16" pillow with a zipper (!) so I could easily remove the cover and wash it (with a kid, dog, and cat, this is definitely a necessity.) Japanese prints, mostly from SuperBuzzy. The back is a heavier canvas with cute tractors.

(Please note, we don't make our child wear his coat inside all day long. :O) He's just a nut.)


Lisa Clarke said...

Cute! You know, I have an Eamonn, too! It's not the most common name :-)

Jessie Keating :: Tiny House said...

I've seen it around a bit, but not how we pronounce it (Ee-mun.) My husband is mostly Irish, but we had to be different, hence the "incorrect" pronunciation. :O) Too cute that you have one too! I read your blog all the time!

Lisa Clarke said...

That pronunciation will probably be easier on him - most people we meet pronounce my son's name that way the first time, and we have to correct them (AY-mun). You won't have to bother, LOL!