Sunday, October 25, 2009

Catching my Breath

Wow, these past two weeks have been insane. In between packing a bit of the house, and studying for my Doula training, I have two mamas who will soon be having their new babies. Plus a family emergency (nothing life-threatening, just life-changing) so I needed to put on my "good sister" hat and deal with that. Oh, and did I mention that the college wouldn't let me reschedule my photography class? So I'm trying to be present for that; thank goodness tomorrow is the last night!

OK, so besides all of that, I've done...let's see...yeah...pretty much nothing crafty. Oh, I did knit 6 rows of my Noro scarf last night! And I had to tink back my flipping February Lady Sweater because I can't math. As far as sewing...I've put aside a few things to destash here or on Etsy...but it might have to wait until I'm settled into our new yeah, pretty much nothing. Oh wait, I did spend 45 minutes right before my friend's baby sprinkle making a blanket a burpy cloths...OK, yeah, I'm pretty much pathetic on the crafty front right now. :O)

On a good note, we're starting E's individual therapy this week. He has been diagnosed with a Sensory Eating Disorder, along with a Sensory Processing Disorder. That just means that he has a hard time processing textures, temperatures, etc. Hence the two-year plus battle with food. Which has now progressed to not wanting to take a bath, or get dressed (or undressed.) And not in the typical, "I'm a three year-old so I'm going to fight you on it." This is scary as a mama to handle, and sometimes I feel like I'm at my wit's end, but thankfully we're in therapy now!!! I can't even begin to explain how monumental that is to me.

I'm still "taking a break" from my blog and shop, but you might have noticed that the shop has been up periodically lately. That's because I've felt OK enough to have it open. And I'd like to have money for Christmas gifts (since obviously I'm not making anything for anyone.) So it may or may not be open if you happen to look at it.

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Tania said...

You're making my life look a complete doddle at the moment! (can't tell you how much I detest that house migration malarkey!). Hope all goes swimmingly well and you find time to put your feet up and knit a few more rows!