Thursday, December 3, 2009

Studio Tour

So, we're in our new house, and after Thanksgiving, my priority has been my studio. I got to buy a couple of cabinets and some organizational-thingies from Ikea, but most of what you see I already had. Enjoy!

This corner is where I keep all of my threads, stamps, paints, and general art supplies. Also E's art supplies, which he can access as he wants (with supervision, of course!)

My table under the window is intended for both drawing/painting, as well as my doula studying.

Eventually E's train table (best Christmas present ever!!!) will go in this corner, but for now it holds both of our rocking chairs, which have seen lots of use in the past few days, for lots of cuddles and quiet time.

E's art corner, complete with cork boards so he can change out his artwork as he wants.


The cabinet underneath the ribbon and zippers is full of inventory (shop update soon!) The black cabinet on the wall is easily removable so I can use it for displays at shows. (Clever, I know.)

My sewing table (excuse the mess, I've been busy!) The rail on the wall is from Ikea, and I luuurrvvvve it!!!

Ok, that's it for now!