Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mommy's Birthday!

Bowling shoes
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Tomorrow is my (28th--eek!) birthday, but we celebrated today with a trip to the bowling alley with some friends, my little sister, and her fiancee. It was so much fun!

Each year, I realize that not only am I changing, but so is everyone else around me. The year before E was born, I think we went with some friends to dinner, and I probably had some drink or another, and went home a bit tipsy. The next year and the one after that were while we lived in Boston, and Jes managed to pull off two surprise parties at the candlepin bowling alley near our house. We had lots of friends there, as well as our new baby. Last year, we were visiting Boston, and went out to dinner with friends, and got a little personal birthday cake from Finale.

I think each year it gets a little more fun, as our son gets older and more and more of our friends have little ones. This year we had THREE toddlers and an infant creating and adding to the general chaos and mayhem, and it was so much fun! Sure, there were tantrums (mostly from my little guy, ahem) but it was still good!

And of course aging makes me aware that I should cherish my time here and the people around me. So, as I pass this, the eve of my 28th birthday, I will remember to try to focus on and be in the moment, so that when I'm 82, I will remember each and every year, and all the people who surround me with their love and support.

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