Monday, April 12, 2010

In Progress

Socks in Progress
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(Or not, however you look at it.) I started these socks in January. This picture was taken sometime in February or March. I haven't worked on them since.

Things have been busy around here. I'm 22 weeks pregnant (it's a boy!) and still sick, but thanks to modern pharmaceuticals I can function. Now if I could keep healthy--stay away from me germy preschoolers!--and get my allergies under control, a lot more would get done. You know, like maybe I'd clean my house, or at least wash dishes.

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy any more fabric until I had used some of what I already have. Though I'd better get sewing before Castle Peeps (Lizzy House) and the new Far Far Away (Heather Ross) are released. Because I will need them.

I also want these. But I'm being sensible and buying these. Because my already largely pregnant body is not cooperating with the whole shoelace tie-ing and strap velcro-ing. You know?

It's a rainy, grey, and cool day. Perfect for staying inside with the Little and watching movies. Maybe I'll work on my socks. Or not.

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