Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring to Finish, 2010 Update!

Well, I've been working on my list. But I'm a little ADD about how I work, so I'm constantly jumping from project to project, and then I usually finish a few all at the same time. So, I'm currently working on:

For the Craft Show: Sewing Box Pouches, Pleated Pouches, Zipper Pouches, Crayon Rolls, Colored Pencil Rolls, and Patchwork Drawstring Bags. Whew!

For Me: Knitting my's actually almost done!

I finished a bed for Nibbler, which is a tad bit small for my pug's bottom, but she still likes it. :O)

I also hemmed a pair of pants, which wasn't on my list, but always feels like an accomplishment. Especially since I had to get creative in my self-pinning since my belly was in the way. :O)

Ooooohhhh, and today I bought some pretty fabric! A friend tipped me off on a nearby store that had some lightning bugs and flutterbye on the bolts, so I headed down there this morning. I scored some dogs on blue (lightning bugs) and both blue and green ladybugs on brown (flutterbye.) Unfortunately someone else had called this morning and ordered most of the ladybugs--yards and yards of them--so not much was left. And the shop owner was really rude to me, so I won't be going back, but my fabric is pretty, so it was a worthwhile drive.

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