Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring to Finish, 2010!


The kick in the pants I need to finish a bunch of projects, count me in!

So far, here is my list:


Eamon's Quilt--quilting, 4/27
Levi's Quilt
Baby's Quilt
Jes' Quilt
Our Bed Quilt
Mendocino Throw Quilt


(Tiny House)
Crayon Rolls--done, 5/6
Zipper Pouches--done, 5/6
Colored Pencil Rolls--done, 5/6
Pleated Pouches--done, 5/6
Box Pouches--done, 5/2

Dog Bed--done, 4/23
5 Bibs for Baby
3 Placemats for Each Child
Doggie Jammies for Baby
Dragon Jammies for Eamon
Camera Strap for Me--done, 5/1

September, October, April Flickr Bee Blocks--done
Curtains for Jessica


My Shawl--working on it! 4/27
Baby's Sweater
My Socks

I'm sure I'll have more, but for now this is a (very scary) start.

Edited 5/7

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