Sunday, May 9, 2010

Craft Show Done and Done

E's New Mask.
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Yep, it's done. Huge thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to my sister for helping me haul all my stuff in and out of the venue, and sitting with me all day long. And also to my husband for loading/unloading the car and watching E all day for me.

This is a mask I bought for E from World of Whimm, a local company run by a friend, Kayce. She makes the most adorable costumes for children! Last year I scored a sweet silver crown for E, which he loves so much he sometimes wears it to bed!

I look a little less than amused in this photo...I was desperately seeking my couch to lie down and "bedrest." Oh yeah, I'm on semi bedrest due to some (very) early (I'm currently 25 weeks) heavy contractions which started a few weeks ago, and landed us in the hospital earlier this week. Not to worry, baby and I are fine, just need to slow down a bit. Which is kind of nice, since I really do need some time to lie down and relax, after the past few very busy weeks.

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