Monday, November 1, 2010


I made three costumes this year. First, for Levi, I made a garden gnome suit. Complete with a fuzzy white beard! (Pattern--Simplicity 2323. Omitted the ring, and pieced together the suit to look like pants with a belted tunic. Appliqued craft fur to the front. Hat was an improvised gnome shape of my own design.) (Fini is modeling.)

Second, I created a Buzz Lightyear costume for Eamon. I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I used a pajama pattern, and appliqued Buzz's space suit shapes to the front. I added a fleece hood. His wings were a birthday present. (Pattern--Simplicity 2734. Appliqued the colors. Added a hood.)

Finally, Fini was the squeaky alien from Toy Story--you know, "the claw chooses who will stay and who will go." Again, I used a Simplicity pattern--modified to work. The hat was of my own design, with eyeballs, ears, and an antennae appliqued. (Pattern--Simplicity 2323.)

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urban craft said...

oh my gosh, you did such an amazing job on these costumes. Ever single one is priceless!