Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Weekend

* I'm spending the weekend in my hometown. Jes is not with me, so I have the boys all to myself. My parents, sister, and parents-in-law have been a great help!

* I spent the majority of the day yesterday at the ER for chest pain and a wicked migraine. EKG, bloodwork, and X-Rays were normal, though my SED rate showed an increase in inflammation--this time they're calling it costochondritis, and possibly pericarditis though the ER doctor couldn't diagnose it for sure. (I've dealt with inflammation issues for a few years. I have flare-ups every now and again [pericarditis and pleurisy were a particularly fun few weeks of my life] but no diagnosis of any _reason_ for them. [Though my husband seems to be convinced that I have gout. The ER doctor and nurse are not.] The past three months or so have been a little trying what with a flare-up and a new baby, to say the least.) I'm taking ibuprofen and vicodin, and it's under control for now.

*Last night I called our family doctor on his cell phone (how cool is that?! I have our doctor's cell phone number, and was told to call it if I have urgent questions. Sweet dealio, yo.) E suddenly spiked a fever yesterday evening. He had a few sips of warm milk, then lied down. He fell asleep within two minutes. His little body was burning up, but I didn't have a thermometer, so I don't know exactly how high. Tylenol round the clock overnight, lots of cool washcloths, and lots of cuddles later he seems to be doing OK.

* My mom and I had a holiday bazaar today, at my high school. It went well. Grandma showed off Fini to everyone in town. My sister and I were asked if our boys are twins. A lot. I was told Fini is not lacking in the meal department. A lot. (Yeah, he's a little, uh, chubby...) A few kids will be getting crayon rolls for Christmas.

* I spent a lot of my time today unravelling a shawl made from laceweight alpaca and light worsted weight quiviut (it's a musk ox) yarn for my mom. I stopped when my eyes were crossing. Then I crocheted a hat for myself.

* Tomorrow will be spent with family. Not sure yet with whom exactly, or what we'll be doing, but I do know that I don't plan to do too much. Except crochet.

* Monday we'll be heading home, where Jes and a couple contractors have been working on our upstairs bathroom (which deserves a post of it's own--but let's just say that what started out as a simple bathroom scrub-down has turned into a full-blown gut and renovate. Sigh.)

* After a long drive across two mountain passes, I plan to build a roaring fire in my newly cleaned fireplace, which no longer sends smoke into the basement. I can't wait to get home and cuddle with my boys in front of a warm fire.

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