Friday, November 4, 2011


(I didn't make Nibbler's costume.) I couldn't resist the hot dog costume for the dog. Poor thing, she was humiliated. But we were photographed for the local paper, so she'll live.

Eamon is so into Star Wars right it was only fitting that Fini be an Ewok to his brother's Jedi Knight costume. In an effort to be nice to myself, I purchased the little sweatsuit for Fini, then free-formed an Ewok hood. It took about 20 minutes, but people who know Star Wars could tell what he was, so that was all that mattered!

Eamon's costume, on the other hand, took days. After the success of last year's Buzz Lightyear costume, I figured I needed to spend some time and make something that could take a lot of wear and tear. I couldn't find a pattern for a child's hooded robe, so I used an adult's pattern, and graded it down to size. It was a lot of pinning and trying on, but the finished robe is pretty cute. I regret not finishing off the inside seams, so I might go back and do that. I've already had to wash it upwards of 10 times, so I imagine it's going to disintegrate if I don't.

The pants and shirt are a karate gi pattern, with a few little changes (wider sleeves and a different front shape,) plus a slimmer fit to the pants for my skinny little guy. I whipped out the "newtility" (that's seriously what he calls it--too cute!) belt in about 10 minutes from a folded over piece of linen and some "d" rings.

I think the best thing about Eamon's costume is the fabric--I used a few JoAnn's coupons and got 100% linen for 50% off. I know he'll wear the heck out of it, so a quality fabric was a good choice. Maybe it will even last long enough for Fini to wear!

He really loved his costume this year!

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