Friday, November 2, 2012


One of my children's favorite foods is applesauce.  For Eamon and his sensory issues, it's the ONLY fruit (the sauce, not the actual fruit--let's not be silly here) he'll eat that doesn't come in a little prepackaged pouch.  So every fall, it's a big deal to buy a gazillion (40) pounds of apples and make it into a nourishing food for my guys.  ***EDITED: 40 pounds of apples makes much more than the 2.5 quarts shown below.  That was just what I had finished at that time.***

I use the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving recipe, but don't add sugar (because this day and age, NO ONE needs more sugar.)

And just because I like this little spot in my kitchen, the above photo is my cookbook shelf.  I use it every. single. day.

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