Thursday, November 29, 2012


My hysterectomy was/is hard.  I've spent the past 2.5 weeks recovering.  I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds (except for Fini--as long as I use my best judgement.)  I can't walk much because I just don't have the energy (which is incredibly frustrating given that a few weeks ago I was feeling my strongest: attending crossfit, jogging, and riding my bike.  I'll get there soon enough, but for now it's frustrating.)  I'm still sporadically taking a light pain medication in addition to my round-the-clock ibuprofen and somewhat round-the-clock acetaminophen...I hate to think what my liver and kidneys look like right now.  A major detox is in my near future.

We were so fortunate to have my mom and mother-in-law help us for a few days each.  The boys enjoyed having their grandmas over, and Jes and I were so very grateful to have their help.  They cooked, cleaned, took care of the boys, took care of me, and allowed Jes to continue a mostly normal work schedule.    

Currently, I'm taking it very slow.  I walk as much as I can (which admittedly is not a lot,) do a little of the grocery shopping, cook and clean a tiny bit, and care for the boys as much as my body allows.  Thankfully Jes works from home and is able to pop upstairs should I need him.  I'm forever thankful that he is such an amazing husband and quickly took over much more than his share of the work.  I feel guilty, but as he says, we're partners.  

Thanksgiving was nice.  It was a quiet holiday with a tiny bit of family, which was perfect as both boys decided to be sick, and both Jes and I weren't feeling great either.  I wasn't able to do much (normally I'm crazy busy: hosting, cooking, and baking.)  It felt strange at first, but since the pressure was off of me, I was able to enjoy the time so much more--and enjoy the cooking of our cousin and aunt!  

The mandatory slow-down has forced me to sit.  A lot.  And since I am incapable of sitting quietly, idly watching TV or reading books constantly, I've managed to get a lot of handwork done.  Yay!  There has been a lot of knitting, along with some sewing--as much as I can sit in front of the sewing machine I do, as well as a lot of hand-sewing.  I'm tired of our loveseat, and my view of the front window, but I'm thankful that I've had enough time to get some Christmas presents done.  (A lot more are under wraps for now!)  


Kara @me_and_elna said...

Oh! I hope you're feeling better soon! My partner had a three-part hysterectomy over five years with the final surgery last November... I feel your pain. :(

Susanne said...

Oh, love!! I hope your recovery continues to move fast!!! LOVE all of the knitting projects :)

Jessie Keating said...

Thank you both. Kara--this was the second operation in one year because the first just didn't do any good. And thanks Susanne--I've been able to knit a lot lately!