Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hooded Scarf

I recently finished a hooded scarf for my aunt.  She's going through some medical procedures that have been tough, and I wanted to make her something to hopefully brighten her day when she wears it.

I've made this pattern before for my mom, but I didn't get a decent picture before my mom modified it.  I'm kind of sad about that (not getting a picture, not that she modified it,) as I put a ton of time into that scarf.  I knit the first one with a rib stitch, which didn't feel right to me, so for this one I used a beaded rib stitch (suggested to me by a few instagram friends.)  I love how this one turned out, and even though it took hours and hours, I want to make one for myself.  It's warm and cozy and since I used the Berroco Ultra Alpaca it's super soft.  I love that yarn!

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