Monday, May 20, 2013

SockSack (Pattern Review)***

I met Ramona at Sewing Summit last year.  She is super fun and of course talented, and she makes patterns which can be purchased from Craftsy!  I decided to make a SockSack after seeing Amanda's pop up on her Instagram feed.  (I just love everything Amanda makes!)

Basically, the SockSack is a drawstring bag that knitters can use to keep socks separate as they are being knitted.  The bag is divided into two halves by a fabric panel and two guides to keep your yarn straight.  It measures about 6" wide by 6" long x 7" high.  It costs $4 (Only FOUR DOLLARS.  That's a steal!)

The pattern is a pdf so you can download it and get started right away.  I love instant gratification projects!  It took me about 45 minutes from the time I downloaded the pattern to when I had my finished bag.  And that was with Finian (literally at one point) hanging off my arm.  Seriously fast, people!

The pattern is very well-written.  The directions are super clear, and there are lots of pictures illustrating exactly what to do.  The hardest part was choosing fabric!

You can't sell your finished bags, but Ramona does offer the option to purchase a cottage license so you can sell these (maybe I should hit up my local yarn shops!)

***Just to be up-front, any opinions I'm sharing are my own; I'm not receiving anything in exchange for them.  I just like to talk.  And maybe you want to make a SockSack and need a review.

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