Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camping: Salt Creek, WA

This past weekend we went on our first camping trip of the year (to the same place we went last year--it's becoming a tradition to spend Father's Day weekend with the same group of bicycling friends so Jes can go on an intense mountain bike ride and the boys and I can explore the shoreline.)

I grew up camping, and I still love it.  We took a bit of a hiatus when we had babies, but we're getting back into the groove.  This year we have four trips planned, and one of them we're bicycling about 20 miles to get there.  So exciting!

Salt Creek is on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  It's absolutely beautiful, and a super clean campground (there are showers there, which, if Jes is going to be going for a bike ride, is a necessity.  I didn't bother bathing the boys, but I did take a shower after our second night.  I *hate* feeling dirty.)  We explored the tidepools, walked along the sandy beach, played in the playground, drove to the little town of Joyce to the amazing general store (because we forgot to check the mantles in our propane lantern--whoops!)  On our way home we drove up to Neah Bay--something I've wanted to do for years--but failed to realize that most places would be closed because it was Sunday evening.  It was still a nice (albeit twisty and turn-y) drive (until Eamon needed us to pull over so he could dry heave into the cow parsley.  Poor guy!

We shared our spot with (new to me) friends--they're a bit older than us and have one older son, so I think our little ones were a bit of a surprise for them.  I think it went rather well though; especially since our boys are really well-behaved.

The campground is fairly covered in stinging nettles: Eamon managed to have a slight allergic reaction to it--blisters that burned.  The sword fern wasn't working so I put some anti-itch/burn cream on him and it cleared up quickly.  I'm thankful that I always keep an extensive first aid kit on us.  It seems large, but I'm always glad I have it!

Last year we were ill-prepared for the cool temperatures.  Sleeping was nearly impossible due to the lumpy ground and our thin sleeping bags.  We've since invested in a couple of sleeping mats to lay between us and our sleeping bags, which we've also upgraded.  It still took five layers of clothing and the pug at my feet for me to be comfortable, but it was much more pleasant this time.  The boys were so cute all bundled up in two pairs of fleece footie jammies and their coats, all snuggled up in their bed.



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