Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I haven't had much time to sew lately.  It's been wearing on me, as it's a big stress reliever for me.  And not doing it, coupled with having looming and long-overdue deadlines has been adding to my stress.  So the other day I sat down at the sewing machine, determined to move on.

I started with a simple, fun pouch for my new DS*.  I started with a tiny fussy-cut square of new sun fabric I bought recently, and made a tiny sawtooth star.  Which I then added to until I had two little panels, and fused it to some batting via tiny matchstick quilting.  Voila.

Next, I completed a set of silverware savers for a friend.  She asked if I could make a set of holders for her set of 13 rainbow-colored fiesta ware plates based on this tutorial.  In December.  Oops.  They're done now, and I do believe I used a method (similar to the method I use on my crayon rolls) which improves upon the final product.  Yay me!

I also made a block for the SMQG Clothworks challenge, which is due tonight.  (We were given 8 squares of fabric to make one or two blocks for a charity quilt.  Clothworks provided the fabric!)  The last picture is my take on a "modern" block.

While it's not a ton of finished work, it's a start.  I think my inability to make time has been fixed, as I now can't wait to get back to my machine!  Friday afternoon, I'm making a date with my projects!  One of the nephews had a birthday and needs his present from (his favorite) Auntie (actually, I'm his only auntie, but whatever.)

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