Friday, October 25, 2013

FO: Super Tote!!!

Hurray!  The planets all aligned and I managed to get my Super Tote finished before the end of Sewing Summit!  I brought all the fabric and hardware with me, then cut and assembled it over the two nights of open sew.  I finished it about 15 minutes before they closed the room on our last night!

I used Melody Miller arrows, grey fine wale corduroy, and a couple of Tula Pink prints that went well with them.  I only made a few changes to the handles, otherwise it's all done as written in Anna's pattern.  I also opted for store-bought handles.  I'm not a fan of turning the tote bag handles inside out, so I will go to great lengths to avoid it.  Pure laziness, though I think it really made my version look pretty snazzy!  I also opted to topstitch the very top of the upper edge, through the handles.  A few people told me theirs pulled the outside towards the inside when it was full, so I thought I'd try to avoid that.  It's working great!

This bag is huge!  Like so huge I used it for a carry on.  I'm pretty sure my youngest child would fit inside.  Which is great, except that I tend to fill it up and it gets heavy.

Overall I think it took me about 5 hours.  There are A LOT of pattern pieces to keep straight, and parts of it are a bit fiddly to sew, so go slow.

The pattern is amazing (as are all of the Noodlehead patterns I've made!)  I highly recommend it.


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Your bag turned out fantastic... Am thinking about tackling one of these :)

Jessie Keating said...

Thank you ladies!!!