Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloweens Past

I've finished making all the costumes for this year.  There were four complete suits, and one hat only.  I actually feel like I'm on top of things for once.  Amazing.  I need a cookie.

I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet.  That will probably happen on Halloween.  And then I'll blog about it next month.  You know.

In the meantime, I thought I'd round up all the halloween costume pictures I could find from the past. I've made most of the boys' costumes since Eamon was three, and altogether it seems like a lot!

2009--Eamon wanted to be a puppy!  He wore this for a full month after (I had to sneak it into the wash when he was sleeping...)  This was my first time using fleece, knits, and modifying a pattern.  It was a labor of (swear word infused) love.

2010--Eamon wanted to be Buzz Lightyear.  I had just had his brother in August, and this was my first project postpartum.  I made all three costumes entirely, except for the wings.  It was also one of those projects (all three costumes) that made me love sewing even more.  I found my groove hand-sewing the pieces of the alien hat.  And my nephew was the garden gnome (that's Fini in the picture,) which I found absolutely hysterical!  Babies in beards!

2011--Eamon was into Star Wars so much.  That cloak is still used for various dress up imaginings.  It's particularly useful as a Harry Potter getup, with a sweet wand from my friend Kayce.

2012--Eamon was into Pokemon so hard this year.  He wanted to be Ash, so I thrifted the shirt and vest, and added a stuffed Pikachu.  The only thing I actually made was his hat (I just hand-sewed a few pieces of felt onto a store-bought Angry Birds hat.)  I went to Sewing Summit just before, so I didn't have a lot of time.  Fini's costume was from a friend.  (He loved it!  And I loved his big giraffe booty!)  (I sang "I Like Big Butts" a lot that year.)

2013--by far the most labor-intensive costume I've done.  I made the entire Swarm (from Skylanders) costume.  There was a lot of swearing involved.  And wine.  Lots of wine.  It took many hours.  But, he loved it, which is why I do what I do.  Fini's costume was a leftover from when Eamon was 2.  It's from Old Navy, and absolutely adorable.  He wears it randomly all the time.

I love Halloween!  It's so much fun!  I love that my boys are into it, and I love the challenge of translating their ideas into wearable costumes.  This year's costumes are a mix of simple and complex, easy and time-consuming.  More later (you know, next month or so.)

Note: I have had a few comments in the past regarding people's feelings.  This is by no means a statement against anyone.  I like making Halloween costumes.  It makes me happy.  I truly enjoy the challenge.  If it makes you want to poke your eyeballs out with a pencil to even think about spending hours making a costume, by all means, buy something at the store!  Store-bought costumes can be awesome and amazing too!  So don't leave thinking that you are not enough.  You are.  We all are.  Namaste.

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