Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finding Inner Peace

Buddha and Naga
Acrylic on canvas.  12" x 9"

Copyright 2015, Jessie Keating

Buddha.  He was a struggle.  He's gone through many phases and colors, and ultimately I've decided he's complete.  I find it funny that a figure that promotes inner peace has caused me so much inner turmoil and creative blockage.  Either way, this is a companion piece to Ganesha.  I'm excited to get him home so I can put them side by side!

I'm having a flare up of my Epstein-Barr Virus right now, which is either causing or exacerbated by my depression, as well as all the stress I've been under lately (it's not all roses around here, but I'm working through it and putting my faith in systems and advocating my heart out for my child.  Good thoughts would be so appreciated.)  So I'm surrounding myself with things I love, forcing myself through the motions.  I'm pulling out the brightest paints and fabrics, and playing cheerful music, taking peaceful walks, and eating healthy foods.  (Sometimes I want to give depression (and EBV) a big, fat, "F- You."  I suppose in a way--albeit a very peaceful way--I am.)

Also, tomorrow is The Semicolon Project's annual day to raise awareness for mental health issues, and as a suicide survivor I plan to wear my semicolon in support of anyone who needs it.  

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