Friday, April 11, 2008

First Sale!

I sold my first item! It's so exciting! If I had a retail store, I'd post a dollar on the wall, but since I don't, here ya' go:

Pretend it's on my beautiful store walls.

Anyway, the lucky owner of the "A brief note of thanks" card set will get her cards in a few days, as I am going to skip to the post office in a few. It's so exciting to see something you created actually purchased by someone else to be used, and hopefully loved. Yey! Thank you Etsy buyer!!!

That was my favorite item, so I want to make more. :O)

This weekend I have big plans around the house, including, but not limited to, working on our grass, sewing shopping totes and pajama pants, baking a test run of cream cheese filled chocolate cakelets for a friend's birthday party, KinderMusik, babysitting, and scrubbing my bathroom. I bet you wish you were me right now, or will when I'm scrubbing the grimy bathtub. And with that, I'm off to change a diaper! Or two. :O)