Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring is Here!

I'm reading The Creative Family, by Amanda Blake Soule, who blogs here. I love her ideas, and am so inspired to get Bug I and II off to a creative start. So we've been trying to get outside more, and this weekend I'm going to attempt to organize our crafting things a bit better to make them more accessible so we use them more. This involves a new bookcase, which either entails a trip to Ikea, or perusing craigslist. Either way, I hope to get a new piece of furniture this weekend.

Yesterday we played barefoot outside and discovered soft moss, cool dirt, rough bark, smooth sticks, and pokey green grass. After work, we took Nibbler for a walk and found some wintersweet (forsythia, I think you New Englanders call it) and a renegade daffodil to put in our owl vase. We smelled the magnolia trees, watched the big kids play soccer, and said hi to the birdies. It was a pretty good day, which was made even better by the fact that I got to purchase a new sewing machine, since my $55 machine needed $95 worth of work done to it. So, better to spend the money on a new machine. It was an early Mother's Day present. :O)

Today was a picnic in the park day. We brought sunscreen, a ball, bubbles, floppy hats, and bread to feed the ducks. We were prepared! We saw swans, one of which was being mean to another, who was probably defending his mate. At least that's what it looked like to me and my non-swan expert eyes. But we got some nice pictures of the aftermath, and the two (courting?) swans.

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