Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tiny Update

I did a tiny update today, in between our flower planting excursion and multiple snack times. Oh yes, I managed to make, photograph, and post eight cards today! I feel accomplished!

This weekend I went to Ikea, which is no small feat in itself, and picked out a bookshelf, which happened to be on clearance, so I spent the rest of the weekend sorting and purging craft items. I feel like a new person now that I can just grab items as I need them, and put them away as I'm done with them. It's so nice! I'll post pictures when I remember to take them.

Monday was my day off, so Bug and I went downtown to visit the Method store and watch the Boston Marathon. I love Method products, so I may have gone a little overboard, but I think a naturally clean house and self is worth it. The marathon was great, and Bug liked watching the runners go by, and clapping for all of them. Yey! We also walked through Boston Common and saw some birds in the trees:

Even the seedlings were able to enjoy the nice weather!

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