Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mayfair, Flowers, and Ducks, Oh My...

Mayfair was Sunday, so we went with a friend to check out all the local talent, eat street hot dogs, and spend money! A perfect way to spend the rest of Mother's Day!

Spring (and my allergies) has sprung, my dears. It has finally decided to warm up (just a wee bit) and colors have exploded. Here are some of the flowers we saw on our walk to the park today:

The kids made friends with a duck today, who really enjoyed the pretzels Bug fed him. I don't know if pretzels are duck food, but this duck certainly thought they were! BTW, our goose--who we have named Duck--has hatched her babies. So now every time we walk to the train station we have to check on Duck and all of her Duck babies (which are really goose babies--goslings? Or are those baby swans? Oy!) Anyway, they're all fuzzy and still in their nest, but you can hear them from across the pond, and every once in awhile you can see one poke their little head up.

In other news, I was able to do absolutely NOTHING for my shop this weekend. I'm so bummed! I have some great ideas for kids' pants, which I think I have finally perfected through trial and error from making pairs for Bug. I also really want to try applique, but want to try it out--again on Bug's clothes--before I put anything in the shop. It's so difficult, because while I absolutely LOVE to create/sew/paint/be crafty/etc., I also work full-time (45 hours a week.) Unfortunately, I don't think there's much I can do in the way of my crafty stuff at work, because, well, I'm at work, for one, and it's not all that portable, for two. So I bring what I can, like my laptop for shop and blog updates, and smaller projects (maybe applique will be portable enough, if I plan it out the night before?) OK, enough whining. :O)

Tonight I want to finish sewing up the baby shoes.