Friday, July 18, 2008

Dress and Scarf Pictures



This is the dress I made for Shona's little girl, who turned one the other day. The dress turned out too big, but if it fits her this winter she can always wear it over a long sleeved t-shirt and pants.

The fabric is from the Robert Kauffman "Beep Beep" line, and I'd be willing to be that the button is Japanese--the cutest buttons come from Japan! And, hello, the propellor on the button moves. So cute!



This is the scarf I made for Shona. It's dupioni silk I salvaged from a duvet cover of ours, and the back and flower is made from very soft cotton. The button is wood, from the same lys. The lace trim is something I've had sitting in my stash from years, from a warehouse in Seattle (which I plan to hit up while on vacation!)

All photos courtesy of Shona Blizzard.

Currently, I'm working on salvaging a beloved sock kitty of a little boy. It's coming along well, and will be ready for pickup tomorrow, right on schedule!

This weekend shouldn't be too bad as far as working on so. many. things. Tomorrow is a Mommy and Bug day, so I'd like to head to either the pool or beach (um, weather, please cooperate,) and then during naptime and after bedtime try to knock out some of my WIPs. Jes comes home Sunday (for 23 hours) and then heads out again, this time for Canada. Sunday will be a bit busier, as I try to clean the house a bit before my sister and her boyfriend get here. I need to set up the "guest rooms" ("couch" and "Bug's bed") and work on a bit more packing and decluttering in preparation for showing the house.

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