Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Noro, Gauge, To Do

I want to be your friend. And love you, and squeeze you, and call you George.

No, seriously, why didn't I knit with this before? It's awesome! I bought a skein of it last night, and am happily knitting away on a skinny scarf for this fall. Skinny because at $11 a skein I don't feel like buying more, but that's OK.

Last night I took a gauge class at Woolcott in Harvard Square with my friends, Shona and Jaimie. I finally feel confident enough to start the sweater I want to knit, but since it's pretty far back in my queue, it may have to wait awhile.

In other news, I've finished the toddler dress (pics after the party this Saturday!) I found the most perfect button for the front! I'm so excited, and no longer feel intimidated by the stupid pattern. (When I initially read it, I felt like a moron. Seriously. But after the fourth reading, I realized that I'm not a moron, and I can sew, and it's all good. Problem solved!)

For some reason, posting my to do list here seems to keep me on track, so as long as that's working for me, that's going to happen. OK, here goes:

1. Sew the matching knickers for the toddler dress.
2. Sew my (already cut-out) shirt.
3. Knit my Noro scarf.
4. Finish the hand sewing on my remaining hot/cold packs.
5. Make a new pincushion for my quilting pins.
6. Shirt for Eamon (yep--found a boy friendly top!)

And, if that's not enough to do, I have a bunch of follow up work to do for the Arlington Family Connection, and some household paperwork I've been neglecting.

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