Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cape Pictures, Shop Update

Here are the pictures of the capes. I used this tutorial. They're both reversible. I'm especially in love with the letter appliques--I'm glad took the time to make them with their initials instead of just the usual "S." The only thing I would do differently next time is use a better quality felt--I couldn't find anything even resembling wool, so synthetic it was. And the only reason I'm complaining is for ironing on the fusible web, since that became a bit tricky with the two layers. But that's it, otherwise it's a great tutorial, and for a few dollars and some scrap fabric I was able to make two capes for two happy kids! :O)

I was able to get some other work done last night, after Bug went to bed--I finished a custom order, made a set of toadstool cards, and finished the hand sewing on my buckwheat project. Some of the items are even in the shop!

Today we plan to hit the spray park, then come back for some quality naptime (for kidlets) and knitting time (for me.) Sounds like fun!

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Jamie said...

Absolutely LOVE the cards and the capes are cute too!!