Monday, July 7, 2008

Decluttering, and Other Monday Randomness

We spent the weekend decluttering our house. Not a particularly fun task, but one which desperately needed (and still needs) to be done. We have a fairly substantial pile in our basement for a yard sale, and more boxes upstairs to fill. While I hate that we've collected so many unnecessary things, I do love the feeling that comes with purging. That clean, blank feeling that something good will come out of this. Who knows?

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Projects on my Radar (All of these are in various stages of completion...)

1. Toddler dress for a friend's baby's one year birthday.
2. Custom Etsy order.
3. Finishing up my latest lavender/buckwheat project.
4. Finishing up my swap projects.
5. Bug's quilt (yep, I'm 2 years late, what can I say?)

Finished Projects (as of this weekend.)

1. Two capes for Bug and Bug II. Pictures tomorrow when I remember the bits and bobs necessary to put said pictures on my computer. Go me.

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