Saturday, August 30, 2008

Car! Farmer's Market!

So we finally received our car--at 1AM this morning. I can't believe how strange the moving company was! They blamed the delay on a broken truck (really?) and then, Jes believes that since I might have been a bit...snippy on the phone yesterday (moi? No way!,) the drivers had to go until they got to our house, no matter what time. Anyway, it's so nice to have our car back!

This morning we made our way to the local farmer's market. It was awesome! I felt a bit like I'd been transported back a few years, when I was taking all my Pickled Papers crafts to the markets every weekend. It was nice! I picked up fresh peaches, pluots, beets, fingerling potatoes, and green beans, as well as almond-poppyseed bread. And the best part? I only spent about $15! I also signed us up for a weekly dairy delivery--fresh milk, cream, yogurt, and eggs. And it was less expensive than buying all those things at the grocery store. Score!

We had breakfast at this tiny place called Puget Sound Pizza (I know, I thought it was weird too!) It was so good! Bug even ate a giant breakfast, and this is the kid who doesn't eat! After that we went to Lamb's Ear Yarns, so I could pick up my double pointed needles.

We may go to Leavenworth tomorrow or Monday, depending on whether or not our friend wants to go as well. Then maybe we can meet up with Mom et all for lunch or dinner. We'll see.

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

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