Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tinky Pans

This morning started out kind of crazy. I had to take Bug to the emergency room, which, let me tell you, was slightly unnerving. Last week, our doctor told us Bug had hand, foot, and mouth disease, which is just a virus that you have to let work it's course. But he had a cold on top of that, which made him super cranky, and he hasn't been eating much (no big surprise there, but it's worse than usual.) Last night I noticed his rash was getting worse, and this morning it was super-bad (is that a word? It is now.) Plus, he had been sick in his bed--have you ever seen green vomit? I have now. Our car isn't here yet, so after a very early call (sorry Aunt Molly!) we were able to get a ride to the hospital. After an hour or so the doctor had confirmed that he had the hand, foot, and mouth disease, but also an ear infection. So now he has antibiotics. Really, it was nothing serious, but still a bit...exciting for my taste.

Now we're home, and Bug is napping, so I'm catching up on all my things--baking, cleaning, and blogging. Fun!

Ahhh...domesticity. Sometimes I think I was born of the wrong generation: I really enjoy keeping house, baking, sewing, gardening, cleaning, and raising my child. Our stuff still isn't here (the moving company estimates next week,) but we're making do. I even baked cookies today! (Never mind that they came out of a tube, and the baking sheet gets thrown out.)

The dog and cat are really enjoying following me all over our big empty house. Pecan, our cat, likes to sit on the stairs and bat at us when we walk by, trying to get our attention. And Nibbler, the dog, is following me everywhere. Right now she's sleeping on the stair just below me, snoring away.

Tinky Pans! Whenever I change Bug's diaper, I tend to call him stinky pants, so now he runs around yelling "Tinky Pans" when I want to change his diaper. Pretty awesome!

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Pam said...

Glad you're home safe... hope Eamon feels better!