Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Back

Last week was crazy, insanely good, pull-your-hair-out-frustrating, and exhausting. I'm exhausted.

After Jes arrived in Seattle, we spent so much time driving up and down, and up and down, and up and down the streets of Tacoma looking for a place to live. Because guess what? Not everyone advertises their rentals on the 'tubes. They put a teeny, tiny, little postage stamps sized For Rent sign in the one window of the house that is covered by overgrown hedges, or in some cases, full grown trees. So you literally have to park, get out of your car, and walk up to the window in order to read the tiny little poorly written phone number so you can call, only to find out that they don't take dogs, or cats, or people who don't partake in illegal drugs. So anyway, we ended up looking at loads of really--I mean REALLY--crappy places, and finally settling on the very first house we found online. (OK, some people advertise rentals...) Go figure. It took a tank of gas, a paranoid phone call to my brother-in-law ("can we stay up in Redmond tonight because we can't find a house down here and we're running out of time and I'm going to cry!?") and a frantic search online only to find out the cost of a three bedroom apartment has gone up. A lot. So we opted for the "less expensive, stand alone house, 40 miles outside of Seattle, but no hookers on our doorstep" option. We put in our application and I'm now anxiously waiting for the darn phone to ring to find out if we got in. (We have a back up, but it's not as great, and I'm not terribly excited about it.)

Meanwhile, we've decided to use this as an opportunity to rid ourselves of all the excess crap we've amassed over the years. So we're only taking the furniture we like, one set of linens, our clothes, and a few treasured possessions (it sounds like less than it really is...) The rest of it will hopefully be sold in our giant moving sale.

On top of all of this, we found out (minutes after we put in our application for the apartment) that while so far everything has gone smoothly with our house sale, the ONE remaining piece, the KEY piece, may not work out. The appraiser is trying to push it through as valued at $20 thousand less than our asking price (BTW, we along with our realtor, came up with our asking price, after lots of thorough research. It's not like we threw some magic sticks in a fire, turned around three times, said a prayer to the house selling gods, and came upon our number in a dream.) Seriously. Doesn't he understand the urgency here? Anyway, we're going to push through with everything as if it were all peachy keen, and hope for the best. Send good thoughts!

I do have some last minute sewing to do before I leave. Things I've been putting off for ages, and things I've come up with in the past few days. Some repairs for a friend (sorry Shona! I promise I'll get it done before I leave!) and one thing for me. I want to leave with a clean project palette. The question is, can I do it in time, and still pack up our house?

I came home with some awesome fabric (I know, I know, more things to move. I can hear my husband already.) But it was worth it. I have plans!

Oh, and I managed to take pictures of the apron I made for my sister. It's reversible, with pockets and a line of elastic for all her dog grooming accoutrements. She also has a matching zipper pouch and dog crate pad (hmmm...I'm envisioning Christmas presents for certain people. And their dogs...unfortunately Penelope the great dane will take a few yards of fabric.) The pictures aren't that great, but you get the idea. And a good view of my fun convertible rental!

Store-bought applique.

And one final note: my Etsy shop is officially offline for the duration of our move. Sad, but necessary.

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