Friday, September 12, 2008

I Saw Nature Today...

...and then realized I forgot my camera. So I went home (not nature) and went back out to the park (nature) where I saw some pretty nifty things.

Yup, those are raccoons. Right outside my car. We had a raccoon in our yard in MA, and the only time I ever saw her was when I pulled up after dark, and she'd be in one of the trees in the back, and she'd startle me every time. People who know me know I'm scared of the dark. Well, scared is an understatement. More like terrified. So I usually walked veryveryquickly to the house from the car. But if I saw Roxy Raccoon, I'd run. A dead run. I know, I'm neurotic, but all I could think of was Roxy jumping out of the tree (yes, I know she was 30 feet in the air,) landing on my head (yes, she'd have to be pretty coordinated to jump 30 feet down and land on top of my head, I know,) and biting me with her rabies-ness (I may have a bit of an overactive imagination. Maybe.) So today, when I saw the raccoons (I saw 14 total, 9 of which were before I went home for my camera) I stopped the car, snapped a few pictures, the quickquickquick rolled up the window. I wanted to show my son, but that would have meant getting him out of his car, and then we might have been bit by rabid raccoons. So, he has yet to see a raccoon, but I suppose that's life. :O)

I also pulled up to a lookout point and took a few pictures (I actually got out of the car, and managed not to be attacked by any large, rabid, woman-biting raccoons.) It was really beautiful, and I wanted to take Bug out so he could see too, but he was asleep by then. (I think the excitement of nature was just too much. Or maybe he was trying to evade his crazy mommy.) Anyway, there was a man playing a sax, and while generally I like to sink inside myself with my thoughts while I commune with nature, somehow his jazz was appropriate. Actually, I think that may have been the highlight of my little jaunt.

I brought Nibbler with me, thinking I could let her out to play in the grass, but seeing as how there was nature everywhere...

Details: Point Defiance Park, 5 Mile Drive.

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