Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Haven't Fallen Off the Blogosphere...

No, really, I haven't. I've just been busy--keeping house, celebrating 2 year-old birthdays, and creating.

Having a larger house is nice, except when it comes time to clean it...I try to keep up with it everyday, but with a little boy running around, pulling things off shelves, flinging his toys all over the floor, and driving his cars (and me) up the wall, it's hard!

Speaking of that little boy, he turned 2 last week. I'm not sure I've come to terms with this yet, but I suppose I'd better soon. Because like it or not, he's growing up. We had a small celebration on the day of, with cupcakes from Cupcakes Royale (oh my gosh, awesome!) Then we celebrated with family and friends (for the third time) last Saturday. We had about 20 people here, and it was great! I loved having so much family over! My brother stayed the weekend, and my mom stayed Saturday night. We had dinner at the little cafe down the street, and then they both left at the crack of dawn Sunday morning for the dog show.

I've also been creating, but mostly for myself/the home. I've made a tablecloth, curtains, and have been working on my second sock (yes, for those of you who might have doubted me, I finished the first one!!!)

Yesterday we got our driver's licenses, and today it's off to the Department of Licensing to get our car licensed. Probably with the boy in tow. Fun times in Momma Land, I tell you what!

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