Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last night, after a lovely dinner at Farelli's with the Mom's Group, we ended up at the ER. No, it wasn't an emergency, and yes, we're all fine. I've just had this wicked migraine for 7 days now, and it was so bad last night I was having problems walking. First we tried going to the urgent care office, and they said they couldn't do anything more for me than I was already trying at home. The other urgent care office's strongest medicine is Demerol, and since that definitely wouldn't work, we went to the Emergency Room. It was a quiet night, thankfully, so I was seen within an hour, and got an IV almost immediately. They gave me a combination of three drugs, one of which was Benadryl (weird) and I can't remember the name of the other two. Whatever the medicines were, they helped in the interim, although today my headache is back. Lovely.

I've been dealing with my migraines for years, actually since I was 8. I've seen numerous neurologists, had several MRI's/CAT scans/an EEG, and tried just about every preventative drug (at least one from every "family.") Beta blockers made me twitch, Toparol made me sick, Topamax made it impossible to concentrate, and Nortryptaline is the current drug of choice, and I think it's making my migraines worse. Since being on it (just over 30 days) I've had 6 migraines, one of which is this current, wicked nasty one. I know there are at least 7 others I've tried before. And the medicines they give me for relief rarely work. I'm currently using Imitrex, in the nasal form, and that's not working. In fact, it makes me sick to even think about using it. I've tried combinations of drugs, a homeopathic "cure" (that is AWEFUL to take, but does help, at least for a little bit.) The only thing that gives me relief is sleeping, and that's only because I can forget about it for a few hours.

Why am I posting this? Mostly to whine.

In other news, I received my Flea Market Fancy fabric yesterday! Thank you Ashley for the tip!!!

I still don't know what I'm going to make with it, so for now it's sitting on my shelf, looking at me all day long. It's so pretty, I don't want to cut into it. Sigh. (Life is hard, I know.)

I'm (still) working on this one quilt, and my remaining sock. I think I've had a minor setback with all my headache stuff for this past week, so I'm hoping once I see a doctor I'll be able to concentrate more.


Eileen said...

A seven day Migraine is absolutely an emergency!

Any Migraine lasting longer then 72 hours with less then a 4 hour break in pain, (not including sleep) puts us at a higher risk for stroke. Not to mention being in pain for seven days is, well, painful!

There are over 100 medications currently being used to prevent Migraine. I know it probably feels like you've tried everything, but please don't give up! There are so many more options out there.

If your current triptan is not working, talk with your doctor about trying one of the 7 others, or maybe just another form of Imitrex.

If you are interested in learning more about Migraine, feel free to visit It's a wonderful site, with many others just like us!

Hope to see you there!!!
Eileen Gray

Amy said...

I have suffered from migrains since I was old enough to say the word "migrain"...however I am able to control them with over the counter medication. Trust me I consider myself very very lucky.
Ok, my ten cents on this topic is this...
I saw this medical show on tv the other day about a women who suffered from migrains to the point that she had to quit her job. After about a year of testing into things they discovered that she had a hole in her heart and it was the cause. As it turns out everyone has this hole as an infant, but it closes with age. For her it did not close but in fact got larger. Once they did surgury her migrains went away and she went onto live a normal healthy life. I talked to my hubby about this and he said he had read information stating there is a link.
My mother and grandmother had migrains and I am not certain about my grandma but my mom's migrains ended when she had a hysterectomy.
ok...that's all I got. Good luck with new medications.