Friday, September 5, 2008

Settling In

Our things arrived yesterday (not on the day they said they would get here, just like the car. Ugh.) We've been unpacking like crazy, and it's kind of starting to feel like home.

It's funny: I've moved so many times in my life, but the last two (save a tiny move in between--buh bye crazy landlord!) were the hardest. I think because I had been trying SO HARD to put down roots and BE AN ADULT that I felt (feel) uprooted when we left. I had left the security of my family and friends here in WA, and set out on a grand adventure to the "unknown" and I made such good friends that I felt (feel) like I have left my family again. I don't know what the correct word is for how I feel, but maybe discombobulated (is that really a word?) Anyway, it finally hit me the other night that we had left our house, and all of our friends, and I just sobbed and cried and slobbered on my poor husband's shoulder. And he's not good with emotions. :O) Ever since then I'm having a hard time keeping my emotions in check, and as I unpack each box it reminds me of something that happened in MA. It's still hard to realize that we won't be seeing our friends for awhile. It's especially hard when my son says a friend's name, asking for them, and I have to tell him we won't see them for a long time. And he doesn't get it, so he asks for someone else five minutes later.

In other (not so depressing) news, I have nearly finished a quilt, all in one afternoon/evening, in between unpacking boxes, cooking dinner, and running after my son. It's pieced, sandwiched, and quilted. All I have left is the binding, but unfortunately that will have to wait until after the baby shower tomorrow afternoon. I don't think I can get all the hand sewing done with a crazy toddler running around. So I'll get the front of the binding on, and safety pin the back so the new mama can see what it will look like.

Does anyone have any good tips on keeping the quilt from shifting while quilting? Right now I'm using basting safety pins, which is fine, but it's hard to sew around them. I picked up some quilt basting spray, but I think I'll try it on a few dog crate blankets before I attempt an entire quilt with it.

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