Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finished Quilt

Quilt for Kingston
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I don't know why, but sometimes it's the small things that hang me up. I spent hours (seriously) perfecting my chain stitch on a label for this quilt, then realized that I didn't like it. So I ripped it all out, and instead appliqued a handwritten note to the back.

To make it easier to write on the fabric (I used a white muslin) it helps to iron on freezer paper to the back, then write your message ("Made for baby on his birth-day, October 2008, by Jessie, in Massachusetts and Washington.") I also added in a few tiny drawings, because it was fun! I used my handy-dandy fabric marker, then heat-set it.

Then just applique it to the quilt, making sure to remove the freezer paper before sealing it entirely.

The fabrics in this quilt are all from JoAnn's, with the exception of the owls, which is a Japanese import. All are very soft, especially after a run through the wash.

(I would post a picture of the label, but it has personal information on it...but it really looks good! I swear!)

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