Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh for God's Sake...Stop Makin' Messes

Tonight we were making the beds, and Bug decided to "hep-oo Mommy, Mommy good boy hepper." (Help you Mommy, Mommy's good boy helper.) He helped alright, all the pillows up and down and off and on the bed, and tangling the sheets up, and jumping in the dirty laundry. When he tried to get his book off the dresser, he also pulled off a few other things. He looked at me, and said, "Oh for Gotsake. Top makin' metses!" After Jes and I were done laughing ourselves to tears, he giggled and said, "Dat piddy funny!" (That's pretty funny.)

I think I need to stop talking around him, since his best words come from me...he might have repeated the S-word...once or ten times...and maybe the D-word too. Especially while I was quilting my newest quilt--I've gotten to know my darning foot, and my seam ripper, rather well. Happy end of the weekend!

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