Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Took a Lot of Pictures...

...but I can't find the USB connector to download them to my computer. So pretend you see lovely, full-color, in focus pictures, OK?

I finished The Quilt early this week. It's so pretty, and I really hope the mom to be likes it.

I finished a quilt top for our couch. It's got all of my favorite Japanese imports, as well as some plaid brushed cotton and polka dots. I just need to finish washing and drying the fabric for the back, and get more batting.

I made a new pincushion, with a little ribbon to keep sewing needles handy.

I finished all my latest commissions.

I started a Fall set of notecards, and have sketches for Christmas card sets.

I went to a knitting group last week, and am going again tonight.

And now I'm off to look for my connector. It's got to be around here somewhere!

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