Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thrifting, Painting, and Tantrums

Oh my...

I did some thrifting and came home with a total score: a bag of embroidery floss, and a TON of vintage zippers! So cool!!!

I've been painting again! I haven't painted in about a year, so it feels good to finally have some inspiration and get some work done. I haven't had that feeling in such a long time, the one when you absolutely have to paint RIGHTNOW and it's such a rush, and you aren't thinking of anything but the colors, and you don't even notice when you get paints on your brand new American Eagle jeans, and it's in your hair, and you might have even got some in your mouth. I've been working on smaller canvases than usual, really small, like five by seven inches. I have a few paintings that I'm finishing now, and I just bought a few more canvases today. It feels good.

And this is the reason why I haven't been blogging much. My little Bug has a little bug, most likely brought on by our recent introduction to the mommy's group. Either that or he's getting his two-year molars. Either way, he's kind of driving me insane. Tantrums constantly, so bad that I absolutely had to leave today. He wasn't even asleep for his nap when I told Jes I was leaving.

Other than that, I've had quite a few custom orders lately, so I've been busy sewing. And I'm thisclose to finishing The Quilt. I just need a an hour or so to myself and I can knock it out. Oh, well, a little bit here and a little bit there. I'll take what I can get!

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