Wednesday, November 5, 2008


All evening long Bug and I ran around the house, he playing with trucks and his mama working on a quilt. Every once in awhile he would stop and shout, "Woo!" or "Obama!"

I let him stay up last night to see our new president accept his title. We saw two incredible men give two incredible speeches: both gracious and inspiring. We saw people around the world celebrating our country's decision. We saw half a million people be completely silent. We saw men and women, young and old, realizing that they could do anything. We witnessed acceptance and tolerance. And it was amazing. Bug - most appropriately - started to fall asleep at the end of President Obama's speech, when I was feeling the safest I'd felt in awhile.

Some day, I'll be able to tell him how we witnessed the most crucial Presidential race in history. And how his mama hoped and prayed for change, so that she could rest assured that she was doing the right thing, bringing him and potentially another child into this world, and how it finally happened.

And guess what? Last night I slept the longest and best that I'd slept in weeks.

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LauraJ said...

hooray for sleeping! And hooray for President Obama! even as a Canadian I was rooting for him all along!