Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Countdown

Felt iPod Case
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What is it, like a week now? Sheesh! Better get moving!

Last night, Jes watched the Bug so I could work. And work I did, for about 3 hours straight. Oh, there was crafting, sewing, and photo editing (my first paying gig!) And of course there was a small break to bake banana bread and wash dishes. Of course.

This case is my third attempt to make a cozy for my sister's new iPod Touch. The first ended up being mine (it has a little red bird on it--so cute!) The second just sucked, and this one finally came out right! She has a Great Dane named Penelope, which she shows. She also has her own grooming business (and is the youngest person in the state of Washington to have a business license!) And she shows dogs for her clients. Yep, my 16 year-old sister has clients. Wow!

Anyway, it's wool felt, cut to dimensions that fit the touch, hand appliqued and embroidered, then machine sewn (right sides facing) and turned right way out. With a simple two button and thread closure. And a hole in the top for the cord to poke out of.

I hope she likes it!

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Anonymous said...

On the touch, the headphone hole is on the bottom, so she'd have to insert the ipod upside down into the cozy in order to use headphones. I don't know what Apple was thinking with this design.